Technical Data

MODEL Cryogenic Vaporizer  PQF-LNG
TYPES OF VAPORIZATION/RE-GASIFICATION  Ambient Air Natural Draft Mobile Cryogenic Vaporization Framed Skids
CAPACITY OF EACH VAPORIZERS MODULE 50 to-3000 Nm3/Hour & Higher on request
BANK OF PQF VAPORIZER UNITS Two or more mobile vaporizer frames are systematically connected to operate in series or parallel for higher flow rates and duty cycles. 
PRESSURE RANGE 1 bar(g) to 90 bar(g) as standard, higher on request
VAPORIZER CONSTRUCTION All aluminium or aluminium with SS lining

U stamp or CE Marking offered on request

MULTIFOLD CONFIGURATION  Single pass all series, parallel series combination based on flow & pressure drop consideration.
FRAME CONSTRUCTION  Aluminium alloy 6061 T6, SS304 DNV Frames (CS on request)