Company Profile

Cryogas Equipment group was founded in 1997 Under the entrepreneurship of Visionary director Mr. Nayan Pandya, Who envisioned for a company providing world class complete solution in field of Cryogenic and gas industry in Global market. Cryogas equipment started with supplying Cryogenic tank in India from France when cryogenic industry in India was in its dawn stage.

Equipped with technical know-how and an innovative approach to business management, he has encouraged and guided People to Be a part of a company that values its customer most.

Now CRYOGAS EQUIPMENT GROUP is a conglomerate of different specialized manufacturing companies catering to cryogenic and gas industries with our world class wide range of products. From past 13 years, we are offering a wide range of cryogenic vaporizers and gas filling stations, cryogenic valves, vacuum insulated line cryogenic storage and transportation tanks.

Apart from this, we also undertake complete turnkey projects as per the clients’ specific requirements. In addition, we manufacture our range of standard Vaporizers according to ASME sec VIII Code and also offer them in other international codes like BS, ADM & CE marketing as per the clients’ specific requirements.


Cryogas equipment Group is Backed with one of the best product suppliers in the cryogenic field in World like CRYOLOR, CRYONORM, And HEROSE. Our specialty is Complete Vaporization, Gasification systems. We have full technical engineering knowledge and always make an in-depth study of each piece Manufactured and selled by us.

All parts in our workshop go through a 100% quality control inspection by our expert engineers. Apart from this, regular surprise visits are made to the factories to maintain quality control from the manufacturing level itself.

We believe quality is not an accident but a result of Hard Work.

In short, Cryogas Equipment group guarantees you with a consistent quality of World Class Quality in Cryogenic Products. We do not only believe in quality of products but we also strongly believe in quality of service.