Cryogas Micro Bulk Solutions - (LGP - MLC)

Flexi Cryogenics Packs

FCP Tanks for delivery of Liquid Nitrogen, LNG for low volume low pressure cryogenic applications

FCP Portable packs are flexible cryogenic liquid delivery systems, which enable delivery of extremely small quantity of cryogenic liquids for end use applications. A typical example is of live ice cream making station where Liquid Nitrogen is used for fresh ice cream preparation. In FCP vessels Liquid Nitrogen is stored at low pressure thereby reducing the overall evaporation rate and enabling storage of Liquid Nitrogen for longer period of time. Accurate multi-layer insulation winding and high degree of vacuum allows the use of cryogens for intended applications. Another such application is using Liquefied Natural Gas for institutional or commercial cooking applications to replace heavy fossil fuels like LPG, Propane, Kerosene, etc.

Applicable Fluid & Duty Liquid Nitrogen