Cryogas Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)


Turnkey LNG Storage, Unloading, Re-gasification, Auto switching, PRS & Flow Measurement System

LNG Re-gas stations are independent self-standing automated re-gasification stations, which enable use of Natural Gas at distant locations where piped gas is not available and at extremely difficult terrains where arranging pipeline network is either not possible or extremely expensive. The basic components of LNG Re-Gas Stations are LNG Storage tank/s, LNG unloading skids, LNG Re-gasification Vaporizers along with their Auto switch over systems.

The design of LNG Re-gas Station is based on consumption of hourly as well as daily basis, its proximity from the LNG source or terminal and also based on the criticality of the application.

For Re-gasification, Cryogas relies on the expertise of its group company, namely, IWI Cryogenic vaporization Systems India Pvt. Ltd to provide extremely efficient and durable cryogenic vaporizers.

For larger unloading volumes or more number of frequent unloading in a day LNG unloading skids with pumps are absolute necessity. At Cryogas LNG unloading skids are built with centrifugal pumps or submerged pumps.

Cryogas has developed technology for multi-layer high vacuum super insulated sumps, which houses the submerged pump and by installing several flow components, valves, NRVs, Safety valves, Thermal Relief valves, Transmitters and electronics. These pump skids are built to LNG unloading requirements.

Cryogas Equipment builds LNG Unloading Skids without unloading pump, i.e. with the use of pressure transfer applications. In this the LNG delivery tanker is pressurized to a higher pressure than the LNG in the storage tank with pressure testing, the liquid is transferred into the storage tank.

Skids are fully tested at Cryogas factory before despatch in terms of its mechanical, electrical, electronics and safety compliance, If therefore, provides a great advantage in completing the site work at the earliest since only a few points are required to be carried out between the main components of the LNG Regas Station.

PLC/PLC & SCADA system is indigenously developed, auto control system for the entire LNG Re-gas Station with several interlocks based on years of brain stormed logic development programme. This ensures safe operations, safe handling and fail proof system engineering.

Range - LNG Storage: 7.5 M3 to 1000 M3 LNG storage
  - LNG Unloading skids: Single or multiple skids with or without unloading pumps
  - LNG unloading pumps: Centrifugal or submerged
  - LNG Regas station: Ambient Air Vaporizers, GFV
  - PRS: For fine control on downstream supply for RLNG
  - PLC & Skada: For operation, safety & regulation of L.R station
  - LNG for LNG re-gas, LCNG

Applicable Fluid & Duty LNG for LNG re-gas, LCNG, Municipal Corporations, Fabrication Facilities