Cryogas Ambient Air Vaporizers

Ambient Air Heated Low & Medium Pressure Cryogenic Vaporizers

Natural Draft Ambient Cryogenic Vaporizers

CRYOGAS offers wide range of Natural Draft Ambient Aluminium Cryogenic Vaporizers to meet varied requirement. All the Vaporizers from 20 NM3/hr. to 8000 NM3/hr. as single module are manufactured using aluminium material of different alloys for different parts. For structural sections; Cryogas employs high strength aluminium alloys.

Range - 100000 – 300000NM3/hr. Vaporizer Banks with switching systems & inter-connecting piping
  - semiautomatic
  - 50 – 8000 NM3/hour as a single unit

Applicable Fluid & Duty Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, Ethylene, Helium, LNG, Hydrogen, Purge Gas
Pressure Up to 50 Bar