Cryogas Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

LNG for Marine Applications

  • LNG is now most preferred fuel for marine applications due to its positive impact on marine environment.
  • Cryogas Equipment Pvt Limited, in partnership with Cryonorm BV of Holland, provide complete turnkey solution using most advanced cryogenic technologies, equipment and systems to provide LNG as marine fuel for varied applications.
  • LNG is provided a fuel for tug boats, cruise boats, cruise liners, short sea going vessels and all other ships based on their flow and pressure requirement.
  • For portable small scale applications with less frequent customer visits, ISO container based on LNG Tanker and LNG fuel dispensing is widely popular.
  • For large mega terminals and frequent LNG fuelling requirement stations are equipped with LNG storage tank, submersible LNG pump skids, metering skids with dual pass and bunkering arm with quick release coupling.