Cryogas Ambient Air Vaporizers

Ambient Air Vaporizer with Regulation & Control Skids

Cryogenic Vaporizer with Flow & Pressure Regulation System

In case of small to medium gas consumption requirement for industrial gases, generally, Cryogenic Storage Tank along with vaporizers and interconnecting piping is installed. Due to lack of knowledge and several other factors, a large of side activity takes place. Cryogas has therefore developed such vaporizers with regulation skids on the frame itself. This enables fully factory built, factory tested equipment ready to use along with tank. Only few connections are required in order to start the station. There is a natural advantage of fail proof design and engineering with respect to sizing and selection of flow components, safety systems, etc. from day one. Several critical components and transmitters, ESD systems are also to be included in the P&ID.

Applicable Fluid & Duty Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Argon, CO2, LNG, etc.
Range From 200 NM3/hr to 50,000 NM3/hr for various applications of gases and remote cylinder filling stations – 2 to 60 Bar(g)