Cryogas Complete Turnkey Projects and Auto Back Systems


Complete turnkey cryogenic and gases custom built solutions either EPC based or turnkey basis

The name itself – custom-built solutions – such as the requirement to meet the customer specific requirement in totality.

Normally such requirements are defined by the end user in terms of gas required, its quantity, frequency, flow rate, pressure, purity/impurity and criticality of the applications.

Cryogas Equipment conceptualizes, designs, which is then shared with the customer and final detailed engineering is done based on the tested features to be included in the custom-built solution.

Cryogas, by using its expertise from within the Group manufacturing companies have built several such custom-built stations for Float Glass industries, Manufacturing & Engineering companies, Nuclear Power Plants, Space Research Organizations, Plasma Research, R&D Institutions, Semi-conductor Applications, Air Separation Units, cement and Steel manufacturing companies and Natural gas / LNG markets.

There are several such projects provided at this website in the achievements and testimonial sections.

Range Based on typical customer requirements