Cryogas Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)


Auto LNG & LCNG Stations for non-piped territories, an easy replacement to petrol, diesel & LPG

Auto LNG and LCNG stations are best examples of cryogenic engineering, coupled with vacuum technologies blended with electronics and instrumentation. A single Auto LNG and LCNG station is able to meet the requirement of high pressure CNG to replace petrol and the station also enables dispensing of LNG for auto LNG vehicles. This means a single station is able to cater to both the requirement of LCNG and LNG as automobile fuel, Piped natural gas based CNG dispensing stations can only cater to the requirement of CNG for automobile fuel whereas LNG based auto fuelling station is capable of meeting dual requirement. Main components of auto LNG and LCNG stations are

  • LNG storage tank with Thermo syphon pot or multiple pots for connection of different types of pumps
  • LNG unloading skid with or without pump
  • Pressure Building Circuit with Auto Pressure Regulation System
  • LNG saturation skid for conditioning of LNG to be dispensed as Auto LNG fuel
  • LNG reciprocating pumps for boosting LNG pressure from 4/6 bar to 255 bar/g to dispense LCNG of LNG
  • LNG Unloading pump skid capable of reversing the flow from storage to pump for dispensing or debulking
  • CNG and LNG dispensers with metering systems and safety components as well as data transfer for billing / invoicing
  • PLC SCADA system along with instrumentation & cabling to ensure fail safe operations
  • LNG Mother Stations are designed using safe technologies, components and equipment to function as per requirement
Range - LNG Storage Tank Capacity: 7.5 M3 to 1000 M3 LNG storage
  - LNG Unloading skids: Single or multiple skids with or without unloading pumps
  - LNG unloading pumps: Centrifugal or submerged
  - LNG Regas station: Ambient Air Vaporizers, GFV
  - PRS: For fine control on downstream supply of RLNG
  - PLC & Skada: For operation, safety & regulation of LNG station

Applicable Fluid & Duty LNG, LCNG & Auto LNG, Flamoxy, RLNG